Posting expense reimbursements

Jeffrey B.Ferland jeffrey.ferland at
Sat Dec 17 10:00:03 EST 2005

I have one thing that I've been stuck on in dealing with gnucash, and  
that is being able to accept an invoice payment that is posted to an  
expense account rather than an asset / income account.

Basically, I get a cell phone bill every month that is not mine, and  
I pay it off using my credit card. Bill received, bill paid. I then  
want to use the money I receive from my invoice to balance my  
Expenses.Phone account so it looks like I didn't have the expense in  
the first place... thereby balancing my credit card properly and also  
not making it appear as if I'm spending money on a phone each month  
when I check my expense reports.

This has been working when done manually without billing / invoicing,  
but I'd like to change it so I"m using that more. Thoughts?


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