Income/expense chart issue.

Wouter van Marle wouter at
Thu Feb 2 05:35:24 EST 2006

Hi all,

I've an issue with the income/expense chart: I do not seem to be allowed
to choose the Income accounts, only the Expense accounts. And I do want
to deselect some of the Income accounts as well.

The issue at hand: my administration is somewhat mixed; I'm running my
own one-man company, and I'm taking care of various expenses on behalf
of a second company, which now and then reimburses me those cost. So
I've set up a special expenses account for this second company, and also
a special income account. 

I can not separate these two accounts in separate files, as many
expenses are shared between the two companies, and they use the same
actual bank account of which I also want to keep track accurately.

To check my own profits/expenses, I can now easily make a "profit&loss"
report, taking out the turnover generated on behalf of my partner's
business by simply deselecting those income and expense accounts. Works
like a charm.

However this is not so for the income/expense bar chart: here I can only
deselect the expense account of the second business, but not the income,
resulting in seemingly sky high profits! I can't find a way to also
deselect some of the Income accounts, to filter out the complete
turnover of that second company.

Is there any way to do this?


Wouter van Marle

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