1.9: OFX Direct Connect

Don Levey gnucash at the-leveys.us
Thu Feb 16 12:40:07 EST 2006

David Reiser wrote:

>  From the Readme in aqbanking:
> "For the OFX Direct Connect back end even a newer version of LibOFX is
> needed (at least >=0.8.1)"
> Which means you'll have to get libofx from CVS and compile it. There
> was a hack Martin Preuss needed to add to libofx to get it to mesh
> with the aqbanking routines for the direct connect functions. Libofx
> hasn't released a tarball beyond 0.8.0.
> I'm having ssl problems with gwenhywfar on my mac, but it looks like
> aqbanking/libofx are going to work really well with gnucash >=1.9.

Ah, thank you!  It looks like I didn't configure with the --enable-ofx
and --enable-hbci flags when I built 1.9, as Derek mentioned; for some
reason I expected it to just build in (I didn't see these options in the
README files either).

But from what you're saying, I wouldn't be seeing it anyway due to my
version of libofx.  This is also helpful; I'll see if I can figure out how
to download a usable package from CVS so I can build it (I've got the
instructions around here somewhere...).

Thanks again!

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