1.9: OFX Direct Connect

Dave Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 16 15:34:07 EST 2006

Don Levey wrote:
> Dave Reiser wrote:
> I've downloaded and built/installed libofx from CVS.  However, building RPMs
> from this (they thoughtfully provided an RPM rule for make) did NOT produce
> libofx-devel, just libofx and libofx-debug.  I went ahead and installed
> anyway, rebuilt GnuCash, and while the Import OFX option still appears, the
> OFX Direct Connect does not.

ofx direct connect doesn't appear as a separate menu item. 
OfxDirectConnect is a backend processor in aqbanking that is set up in 
gnucash using the HBCI setup tool. You set up your banking relationships 
using the HBCI setup (where one of the backend choices is aqofxconnect 
(aka directconnect)), then you get Online Actions... available when 
you're looking at the register of a gnucash account that has online 

gnucash uses libofx both directly (for importing transactions from web 
downloads) and indirectly through aqbanking for 
direct-from-the-bank-to-gnucash-registers activity.

I don't have a direct connect bank account, so I have only used 
gnucash/aqbanking to get transactions directly from a credit card 
account into gnucash.

> I am assuming, at this point, that I need to rebuild the aqbanking packages
> with the new libofx in place.  I'll do that and report back.
>  -Don

David Reiser
dbreiser at earthlink.net

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