Problems with Accounts Payable

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 18 14:47:18 EST 2006

Quoting Laurent Duperval <lduperval at>:

>> Ahh!  *needs to look at the changelog*..
> I did. The only change that seemed to affect me was the accumulate 
> splits thing. I have made it a habit not to accumulate splits, 
> because of the bugs in the previous version.


> What does  this do anyway? What are the consequences of using/not using it?

Accumulate Splits is an option so that multiple entries in the invoice
into a single account all get accumulated into a single Split in the
posted transaction.  This feature was broken, so your posted invoices
would have the incorrect transaction amount.   It's been a year, so
I don't recall exactly what the problem was.

> Ok. I know that I had to forward pay sometime this year, so I can 
> understand it. I also see that there is a corresponding reverse 
> transaction for this.

Yep.  These things are intra-account transactions to move money from one
Lot to another.  Each invoice is tied to a lot.  This makes sure you
balance across lots.  E.g., if you have three invoices for $2, $3, and $5
and then make a single payment of $10, the system will create these auto
balance transactions to make sure that $10 is spread across the three

>>> I also noticed that when I start GC, I get a popup saying I have 
>>> unpaid bills dating to 2004. This is something pretty recent. 
>>> Recently, I had to go back and remove "Accumulate splits" from 
>>> bills I had posted in the past, because they messed up some reports.
>> THIS could do it!  Unposting and then reposting could shift around
>> the payments.  Also, I know there was a bug with the Accumulate Splits
>> feature.    This bug was fixed on 2005-01-23 and should be in 1.8.11,
>> but posts from before that time could have been affected.
> Well, I think I only recently updated to 1.8.11. For some reason, it 
> seems to have made it only recently to Gentoo.

Oh, if you recently updated to 1.8.11 then your older invoices could
be broken!

> Is there a way for me to see what bills have accumulated splits, 
> without unposting/reposting each of them one at a time? Is there some 
> sort identifier in the .xac file that can help me track them down?

Go into A/P, turn on Transaction Journal Mode so you see the full set of
splits for all your transactions, and find the ones that are wrong.
It's possible that they might show up with an [x] in the register;
I honestly don't rememeber.  I don't have any of these left in my datafile
so I can't examine them.

You could take a look at bug #165053 to see what it says...

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