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Eric Beversluis econophil at
Mon Feb 27 20:40:41 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 19:44 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Eric Beversluis <econophil at>:
> >> What's the exact account type?
> > "Bank"  The other Bank account types work fine.
> Hmm..  Perhaps this is a locale/currency issue?  What's your locale?
> What currency is the Bank account?  What do you have set for the
> report currency?
There are no options for that either--everything is in US$
> >> Are there transactions in the account?
> > Many transactions from 1/1/206 to 2/20/2006
> >> Can you show a screendump of the register and the report?
> > Confidential info: all there is in the report is the title of the
> > account: "[name of account]-Register Report"
> Could you create a test file that shows the problem?
Probably not, since in general the register reports seem to be working.
I suspect somehow this register is corrupted. When I select "Transaction
Report" from the main menu and this account, I get an ok report. It's
not equivalent to the register report, since it doesn't show the
relevant information for the other account in the transaction when
there's a split.

Assuming the register is somehow corrupted: Would there be any way to
export the transactions from this account, delete the account and its
transactions, recreate the account and reimport all the transactions?
Otherwise I'll just have to live without using this report--as your
situation suggests, it's not a key report, since you don't ever use it.

> >>  Did you check the report options for the dates on the report vs. 
> >> the dates of the transactions?
> > The options dialog does not give any date selection option for the
> > register reports--not for the other register reports that are working
> > fine either.
> Sorry, you are correct.  I never use the register report so some of
> these details float out of my busy mind. ;)
> > Thanks.
> > Eric
> -derek

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