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Sun Jun 18 16:58:52 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 12:06 -0400, David Hampton wrote:
> You can use to verify that the F::Q installation is working
> properly.  The finance-quote-check an dump-finance-quote programs are
> installed as part of gnucash, not libfinance-quote-perl.  (You're only
> one of many to misunderstand this.)  These programs have been renamed to
> gnc-fq-check and gnc-fq-dump in gnucash 1.9.7 to try and make it clear
> they are part of gnucash.

Ah! I had looked for finance-quote-check and dump-finance-quote in the
gnucash tree, but now it is clear why I did not find them.

> > However. I also had a problem under Breezy that this (old) version of
> > finance-update didn't support currency imports from Yahoo any more. I
> Yes, Yahoo changed the format of their website.  You need F::Q version
> 1.11 for currency quotes to work again.
> > had solved this under 1.8.10 by simply not ticking the "import online
> > prices" box for the appropriate accounts. I cannot find this box any
> > more under 1.9.7.
> That part of gnucash was redesigned.  Configuring quote retrieval was
> moved from the account settings to the security/commodity settings
> (where it makes much more sense).  Retrieval of currency quotes was made
> automatic whenever you declare an account as denominated in a currency
> other than the locale currency setting.

Right, yes. I've found the new options. The disadvantage with the new
approach as far as currencies are concerned is that you get the full
list of hundreds, instead of the two or three that you use. Should I
understand from your comment that the retrieval of currency quotes
ignores the "Get Online Quotes" checkbox?

> > Any ideas?

> Get F::Q 1.11.

Yeah. Thanks. Dapper has 1.08-1. Can anyone name a repository or give me
a .deb?

Thanks for the help

Jeff Ratcliffe
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