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Katipo katipo at
Tue Jun 20 17:59:05 EDT 2006

David T. wrote:

>Since you want this on the list...
>As I am not a developer, but a user, I didn't think to search the developer
I'm not a developer either, but if I want to know what the latest news 
is, I search the developers list archive.
Not just for Gnucash, for any app/OS.
If you want the true oil, go to the source.
With Free/OS you have this option, along with a number of others.
You won't find that on the Quicken lists.

> That's why I subscribed to gnucash-USERS. I'm a USER. I apologize for
>not having been born with the innate knowledge that I am in fact a developer
>without ever having developed any source-based applications.
Just a matter of time, if you have the attitude and aptitude.

>Well, DUH, I turned on unstable in Fink and it doesn't show. I thought that if
>I turned on the unstable tree, I'd see 1.9. See my note above (the part about
>not being a developer). Furthermore, I don't finking understand how you expect
>me to "get that [1.9] working" if your own goddamned website tells me that
>installing the application and its dependencies is best handled by fink, and
>then your finking application won't finking show in fink? What the fink is up
>with that?
A politely worded enquiry - in the right place - would help.
The developers have enough to do.
The User list is the right place, but nobody is going to want to help an 
exhibition of that nature.

A hint - If you have no control over yourself, there's no way you're 
going to be able to control anything you're trying to work on.

>And, certainly, I apologize again for not having the innate knowledge that your
>website is somehow not updateable.
All websites are updateable, but it would seem to be a reasonable 
indication that if it isn't being done, that the personalities involved 
don't have a lot of time on their hands.
Not familiar with CSS2 and XHTML by any chance, are you?
I intend to be in the near future, but until then, I'm not in a position 
to be able to help in a positive manner either.
The best I can do is try not to be a negative influence, detracting from 
the efforts of others.

> I guess I should just dedicate my life to
>reading the GnuCash archives just so I will be in the know about this and all
>sorts of other aspects of GnuCash that I am no doubt unaware. Because, you see,
>I LIVE to watch GnuCash crash.
Well then, it would appear that something is wrong.
It would appear, also, that it is a dependency problem with Fink.
If you asked in the right places, both here and...

...politely, you would probably find the solution to your problem in 
fairly short order.

>And I will not go into the wiki and add pages, because the only pages I would
>add at this point are strictly negative and would not be helpful.
There is, at least, a grain of logic here.
If you haven't got anything constructive to add, do nothing.
This is fine by me.

> I find it
>interesting that you suggest I update the wiki, AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO
>RUN GNUCASH EVEN ONCE. Hell, I don't even know what it actually does, besides
>eat up my time and crash. But if you want that on the wiki, then I guess I
>could add it.
>You say that the problem is with Fink. You're wrong there--the problem is with
>the packages that won't compile under Darwin, which is exacerbated by the fact
>that Fink gets behind the times on all these packages. I understand that this
>all is qualifies as a Big Change in the OS X world, and am game to try to find
>a solution, if I can. But GnuCash's developers don't help things by the secrecy
>around the GnuCash dependencies.
>I'll finish where I started, Derek: I'm trying to be a USER. I'm trying to
>follow the website's directions for getting GnuCash to run for me so that I can
>USE it. All I really want is to be able to USE GnuCash.
Well, you're going the long way about it.
Take a deep breathe, start at the beginning, and when you have a 
coherent question post it here so that we can help you, and so that the 
record goes into the archive so that others like you can benefit from 
the common wealth.

Other than that, do try to have a nice day.

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