sorting account Register on Transfer/account column

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 13 12:45:29 EST 2006

There are two "Transaction" reports in gnucash.  There is the full
transaction report available from the main menu Reports -> Transaction
Report menu item, and there is the Register Transaction Report available
from a register menu Reports -> Transaction menu item.

yes, this can be confusing.


Quoting Andrew Sackville-West <andrew at>:

> On Mon, 13 Mar 2006 11:01:48 -0500
> TyrusMaynard <mayn at> wrote:
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>>     I would like to be able to both review AND EDIT across all accounts
>> BUT sorted by those same accounts.  Let me also point out that it is not
>> uncommon for an Expense transaction to be reassigned to another "type" of
>> account such as "Asset", so why not be able to view the entire range 
>> of accounts
>> on a pooled Register.
>> Is there a way to get to such a pooled Register that is interactive?
> you refered in your other thread to the "Transaction" report. There 
> is a sort key for "Other Account" that does what you want. It sorts 
> by the transfer account. It does not in 1.8.x offer direct links to 
> the individual transactions (this is implemented in 1.9.x and will be 
> part of 2.0) but it DOES offer links to the "Transfer" account which 
> gets you closer to the transaction itself.
> I just ran one by setting the "Secondary" sort key to "Other Account" 
> and it seems to work fine. Not exactly what you wanted, but close.
> hth.
> A
>>      I have tried to obtain such behavior by using the "Register" of a big
>> clearinghouse account such as Checking (which tends to have a 
>> dominant double
>> entry participation in most transactions with other accounts).
>>    Below I have copied my description of that problem from  another 
>> thread  and
>> Beth's reasoning for the problem. Although my description refers to 
>> "printing"
>> please consider the  problem for its fundamental behavior in an interactive
>> "Register" (an editing interface)
>>     This seems to me to be a shortcoming by design. Do other's have an
>> explanation for this design?   or a work around?
>> Ty
>>  >Problem 2
>>  >>   As another method I would like to simply print transactions for given
>>  >>   account as they appear on the account register . I  would like 
>> to print one
>>  >> checking account  for an entire year with the transactions sorted by the
>>  >> "Transfer" column  (which consists mainly of various Expense account
>>  >> categories).
>>   Beth surmised the following:
>> I'm not as sure about problem number 2.  It likely doesn't let you
>> sort on transfer accounts because if you have a split transaction
>> the transfer account is undefined.  If you want transaction reports
>> for each of those transfer accounts, you'll use the transaction
>> report after working around that bug (as you already guessed)
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