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  Vel <vel.suminguit at gmail.com>,
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V> Hello!
V> I have an old Pentium 75 machine with 32MB RAM collecting dust
V> somewhere in my house. (Yeah I know it is antique!) Im thinking of
V> using it solely for Gnucash for family financial management. I know
V> that there are minimalist Linux distro somewhere that runs even on
V> diskettes. But before replacing its Win98 with Linux, I just want to
V> know if Gnucash would be able to run in such a machine. What is the
V> minimum processor and memory requirement of Gnucash?


I have a P133 Laptop.  I did upgrade the memory to the max (148meg) and
it now has a 40gig hard drive.  I did install CentOS 4.3 (equiv. to RHEL
4.3).  You'll need a 'modern' version of Linux (at least FC4 / RHEL4 or
simular) for when Gnucash 2.0 comes out ('Real Soon Now' tm).  Now I
*don't* run Gnome (or KDE) on this laptop, instead I run a lightweight
window manager (fvwm).  Both WBL 3.0 and CentOS 4.3 run just fine on
this machine.

You *will* most likely need to upgrade the RAM on this box, which
*might* be a problem, but check on E-Bay -- there might be some older
SIMMs still available that will work on this machine.  Gnucash itself
will possibly run, but if you also want to use the GUI *on this
machine* you will want more memory.  Using some other machine (a more
modern box) as the X server might work, but kind of pointless, unless
ALL of your more 'powerful boxes are pure MS-Windows machines (there is
not a port of Gnucash to MS-Windows *at this time*, but it might happen
once the V2 port is released).  You can install an X server (either a
commercial one or the free one that comes with cgywin) on a MS-Windows
box and network it to the older Linux box and run Gnucash that way.
32Meg is too small for almost *ANY* GUI environment (but is fine for a
non-GUI install if you were to use this machine as some kind of low-hp
'server' type box (such as a DHCP server, Firewall, etc.), so, if a
memory upgrade is not possible, some other use might be possible for
this machine.

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