Changing defaults in Fancy Invoice

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 9 13:06:52 EDT 2007

Andrew Greig <algreig at> writes:

> Hi Derek,
> Re:
> /usr/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/fancy-invoice.scm
> I see your name at the top of this scheme, and I realise all the hard
> work that went into this. And I am appreciative.

Actually, I did very little work on the Fancy Invoice.  I did the
original work and the author of the fancy-invoice took my original
invoice.scm and used that as a template and didn't remove my name.

> Is this where the number of lines is set? ...

No, this is where the number of lines are USED.  You need
to look in the option definitions to change the default option

> (if (null? entries)
>           (begin
>             ;; oli-custom - modified to have a minimum of entries per
> table,
>             ;; currently defaults to 24
>             ;; also, doesn't count payment rows and stuff
>             (do ((entries-added entries-added (+ entries-added 1))
>                  (odd-row? odd-row? (not odd-row?)))
>                 ((> entries-added (opt-val "Display" "Minimum # of
> entries" )))
>                 (gnc:html-table-append-row/markup!
>                  table (if odd-row? "normal-row" "alternate-row")
>                  (string->list (make-string (num-columns-required
> used-columns)
>                                             #\space)))
>                 )
>             (add-subtotal-row table used-columns value-collector
>                               "grand-total" (_ "Subtotal"))
> Now it does show 24 rows, but I would like 10, but deeper to accomodate
> a larger font, somewhere around 12 pt.  A book-keeper should not have to
> peer to read an invoice.
> Ideally I would like minimum font size to be 10pt, Company name under
> header to be 12 pt and Customer name under that to be 14pt.
> If I change font size will the table rows increase in height to suit?

No clue.  Maybe.

> Thanks
> Andrew


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