missing data from bank account

Theo van Riet Paap theovrp at gmail.com
Wed May 16 14:34:16 EDT 2007

2007/5/16, Derek Atkins <warlord at mit.edu>:
> Quoting Theo van Riet Paap <theovrp at gmail.com>:
> >> I don't understand what you're saying.  You say that the balances are
> >> correct but you're not seeing the transactions?  Perhaps you don't
> >> have the dates set up to see all the transactions, or perhaps you've
> >> got it configured to limit which transactions are visible?
> >>
> >> Could you provide some screen shots showing what you mean?  (feel
> >> free to put them on a website and send the URL instead of sending
> >> the screenshot in email).
> >>
> >> Also, remember to CC the list on all replies.
> >>
> >> -derek
> >
> > Yes, you understood quite well. Let me describe my experiences.
> > I did prepare a normal ´account tree´. Under assets a ´checking account´
> was
> > made.
> > The ´checking account´ was opened and (for testpurposes) all
> transactions (in
> > the year 2005) within that account were manually copied from the
> physical
> > bankdocumentation to GC.  Including the weekly debit and credit
> subtotals and
> > the ´general total´.  With a memorial booking the opening figures have
> been
> > introduced.
> Okay, sounds reasonable so far.
> > At the end of this task I had a complete overview of all bookings
> covering a
> > whole year. And of course all being ´double booked´.
> > So far so good and I was happy to play with GNU myself.
> Okay...
> > Without any special reason (at least as far as I remember) the number
> > of lines
> > in the ´checking account´ was reduced from a ´whole year equivalent´ to
> > roughly the ´last month only´ equivalent.
> And how do you open the register?

The tree of accounts is opened automatically when GN is started.
The checking account book is openened by double clicking the corresponding
line in the tree of accounts or by clicking the ´open icon´. Same results.

What happens if you try to Find Transactions under the Actions menu?

When I click ´actions\online actions\get transactions´ nothing happens.

> Of course all preferences and settings in edit and view have been checked;
> > also sort .. and filter.. but no wrong things.
> Are you sure?  If you're making a mistake how would you know if it
> and entry is right or wrong?  ;)

Basically you are right so please give me a bit guidance.  I was repeatedly
trialling almost all settings and combinations for days and nights.

> So; I was not able to restore the old (1 year overview) situation.
> > However (todays experience) ; playing with the \view\sort settings (i
> > did that
> > today) was causi.ng some change. Sometimes I was able to read
> ´transactions
> > weeks´ that (but not all) were previously invisible. Simultanously some
> other
> > weeks disappeared however.  Until now I was not able to understand that
> > mechanism. All transaction values were ok but still I´m  not able the
> have
> > the whole year.
> That seems to imply that you're just not viewing the whole year's
> transactions at once.

I double checked this but found same results.
In menu \File\properties ..the date format is on ´locale´. (16-05-07 as
In menu \Edit\Preferences the accounting period is set from 01-01-05 to
In menu \Edit\filtering the period is set as ´view all´ and/or ´view 1-1-05
till 31-12-05 (same results)

> In most reports I can see all transaction weeks a.s.o.. To facilitate that
> I
> > frequ ently have to change the´date settings´ of the various reports.
> > This as I used the year 2005 as trial period.
> > Derek'pls let me know if you need more details.
> > Thanks
> > Theo
> Yes, I need MANY more details... A screenshot would be useful.  Or maybe
> give me a click-by-click explanation of what you're doing?

Which of the many sceendumps do you need???  I will be happy to send  all
you need but GC is more than huge.

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Thanks again

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