missing data from bank account

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu May 17 15:47:02 EDT 2007

Theo van Riet Paap <theovrp at gmail.com> writes:

>> Okay, I just wanted to make sure that you were using an Account Register
>> and not the General Ledger.   If you go to View -> Filter By  in the
>> register window, what's selected?
> View->Filter By >>>selected is <show all> or alternatively <from 1-1-05 to 
> 31-12-05> . Not any change visible. Under the status tab all entries are 
> checked.

Huh?   On View -> Filter By     I see two notebook pages, "Date" and "Status"
I don't see anything labeled "Selected".   On the Date page there are
two options:  Show All or Select Range.   I have "Show All" selected.

>> >     What happens if you try to Find Transactions under the Actions menu?
>> >
>> > When I click ´actions\online actions\get transactions´ nothing happens.
>> That's not what I was asking.  Try Edit -> Find from the main menu.
> With ´Edit->Find´ (main menu) all transactions can be made visible, even those 
> that were previously invisible. Back to the ´checking account´ and we have 
> the same problem again. 
> Extra: Some of the transactions that have made visible in Edit-> find   seem 
> to be corrupted.  Eg weekly transaction overviews are splitted in two half 
> week overviews. I ll perform analysis and let you know

What do you mean by this?  Could you grab a screenshot and show the
"corrupted" transactions?  I think you're probably just confused by
the Find Transactions view where it always shows transactions in
expanded mode.

>> Well, the default settings show all transactions, so it must've been
>> something you changed.  You can reset all your settings by doing
>> something like:
>>    * exit gnucash
>>    * run:   gconftool-2 --shutdown
>>    * mv ~/.gconf/apps/gnucash ~/.gconf/apps/gnucash-bak
>>    * restart gnucash
>> This will reset ALL your gnucash preferences, so you'll lose
>> EVERYTHING, including your history, window sizes, etc.
> I will postpone this action till the recent finding  with edit-> find has been 
> analyzed. 



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