gnucash-user Digest, Vol 50, Issue 36

Terry Therneau therneau at
Wed May 30 13:12:09 EDT 2007

lmhpub-gnucash at writes:

> I am trying to import my bank data from Quicken 2004, which just lost
> online ability, and when I imported a QIF file (that's all Q2004 does),
> I did not find anything of my note/memo fields.  I checked individual
> transactions in Q2004 and in the QIF file, and none of those
> notes/memos showed up in the corresponding transactions in GnuCash.  In
> GnuCash I did a View > Double Line, and didn't see it there, nor did
> I see it in View > Auto-Split Ledger or View > Transaction
> Journal.

 You may be having the same problem I saw.  In the QIF file (at least from
my older version of Quicken) a line that begins with "M" contains a comment
that applies to the entire transaction, and one that begins with "E" a
comment that applies to a portion of a transaction, i.e., a split.  I expected
comments of the first type to translate to Gnucash's "Note" field, and the
second to it's "Split" field: the translator maps both of them to the
   So in my case, I can't see old comments unless I do a "show split"
button on the transaction.  (Technically, everything in Gnucash is a "split",
due to double entry bookkeeping.)  The comment will be attached to one of 
the two lines shown.  A bit unhandy, as doesn't show automatically in any
of the standard modes, but it's there.

	Terry Therneau

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