String lengths in the SQL backend

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Wed Nov 12 11:57:44 EST 2008

Mike or Penny Novack schrieb:
>> .....
>> I'd have to look back, but I think Derek's reply was the only one.  I'd like 
>> to open the topic again, because of Rolf's problem.  Can anyone think of a 
>> reason that account code size limit cannot be reduced to a smaller value (e.g. 
>> 32)?   Will anyone ever enter an account code longer than that?
>> Phil
> ROFLOL --- as soon as you set a limit that a user could bump into, 
> somebody will. Best to look at this from a human engineering 
> perspective. There's no obvious reason why somebody someday couldn't 
> possibly want to use account codes larger than 32. But there are reasons 
> to decide that nobody would ever use ones as large  256 -- because no 
> screen wide enough to enter something like that on a single line.

Ah well, I have a 30", 2560 pixel wide screen, 256 chars on a single
line is possible, if the font is not too large ...

Rolf wants german SKR4 account codes and these are 6 or 8 digit numerical
codes, but that fact does not help since other users may have (miss-)
used the account code field with longer codes.


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