account selection box causes abrupt logout

Max Burley burley at
Tue Nov 18 19:54:41 EST 2008

Editing a duplicate transaction in a GnuCash chequing account register
by changing the account split causes the program to crash, with loss of
the X session, and a return to the login splash screen. GnuCash 2.24 was
running fine on Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 platform, until a "kitten on the keys"
episode precipitated the first crash. 

Since then, the problem has become consistent within this one account
register as soon as one tries to choose an a new split from the account
scroll list window, raised with a mouse right click.

Can anyone advise whether this is a bug, or is it perhaps a corrupt data
file? GnuCash was reinstalled with new configuration files, but the
problem continues. 

For what it's worth, here are the final 10 lines from /tmp/gnucash.trace
after running GnuCash with the --debug option and crashing the
* 16:16:52  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] start
callback 84 0 
* 16:16:52  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] after
move 84 0 
* 16:16:53  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] start
callback 2071 0 
* 16:16:53  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] after
move 2071 0 
* 16:17:32  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] start
callback 2072 0 
* 16:17:32  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_save] beginning edit
of trans 0xee0000
* 16:17:32  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_save] finished saving
split to June 2008 (previous year) of trans 
* 16:17:32  INFO <qof.object> [qof_object_foreach] type=Split
* 16:17:32  INFO <qof.query> [qof_query_run_internal] matching
objects=0x1bd8020 count=698
* 16:17:32  INFO <gnc.ledger> [gnc_split_register_move_cursor] after
move 2072 0 

I can't see anything objectionable in there.

Max Burley
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