Register display oddity

Fred Bone Fred.Bone at
Thu Nov 20 04:18:21 EST 2008

I have recently entered some transactions in TND and am seeing some 
display quirks. It appears that the number of figures displayed after the 
point depends, not on the currency of the register, but on the currency 
in which the transaction was entered.

TND, unusually, are divided into thousandths ("milims").

My initial purchase of TND was in cash (GBP150 bought me TND321). The 
resulting transaction, which I entered from the GBP side, displays as 
"321.00" on the TND cash register, both in the "Deposit" column and in 
the "Balance" column. All remaining transactions were entered from the 
"TND" side, and display with 3 figures after the point. This includes the 
register for the (GBP) credit card with which I settled a couple of hotel 

Do other people regard this as a (very minor) display bug, or am I 
missing something that would make this behaviour essential?

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