Register display oddity

Charles Day cedayiv at
Thu Nov 20 04:42:13 EST 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:18 AM, Fred Bone <Fred.Bone at> wrote:

> I have recently entered some transactions in TND and am seeing some
> display quirks. It appears that the number of figures displayed after the
> point depends, not on the currency of the register, but on the currency
> in which the transaction was entered.
> TND, unusually, are divided into thousandths ("milims").
> My initial purchase of TND was in cash (GBP150 bought me TND321). The
> resulting transaction, which I entered from the GBP side, displays as
> "321.00" on the TND cash register, both in the "Deposit" column and in
> the "Balance" column. All remaining transactions were entered from the
> "TND" side, and display with 3 figures after the point. This includes the
> register for the (GBP) credit card with which I settled a couple of hotel
> bills.
> Do other people regard this as a (very minor) display bug, or am I
> missing something that would make this behaviour essential?
Take a look at bug 406127:
And also bug 529494:

Are they duplicates? Bug 529494 has been very recently patched in trunk.


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