Moving away from GnuCash

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Mon Nov 24 20:24:10 EST 2008


We've been using GnuCash for two years, and I've really enjoyed
learning how it works. We think it's great software and would like to
keep using it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really fit with our business needs here in
Australia, and so we are moving to propriety software that does.

I thought I would send this list the text document that our book
keeper presented to us regards Pros and Cons of GC and the software we
will probably settle on, to give you an idea of why, and maybe help
inform direction.

If I was a better coder with more time on my hands I would help out,
but it's not the case.

I will continue to champion GC to my friends that are looking for free
accounting software and I wish you all the best :)

thanks for the good times!


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