balance sheet rollup-totals are $0

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at
Tue Sep 9 17:02:46 EDT 2008

When I display a Balance Sheet report, rollup-totals display 
as $0.  I have tried to reproduce below the Assets portion 
as it is shown, replacing tabs with spaces and compressing 
it horizontally a little (you'll need to view this message
using a fixed-width font).  I only show the Assets section
for brevity; the same problem exists in other sections too.
(In addition to the $0 value rollup-totals problem, I find 
the indentation of the amounts rather strange.  Is it correct?)

Balance Sheet 2008-12-31

Assets                                         USD 0.00
    Current Assets               USD 0.00
        Cash       USD 314.15 USD 314.15
                      \96,500 USD 900.44
        Checking               USD 616.36
        Receipts                 USD 0.00
        Savings              USD 5,512.91
    Fixed Assets                 USD 0.00
        Vehicle             USD 10,527.52
        CDs                  USD 8,726.29
        IRAs                USD 15,029.22
    Accounts Receivable                    USD 1,121.32
Imbalance-USD                                                USD 0.00
Total Assets                                             USD 42748.21

This is on Window-2000, Gnucash-2.2.6.  If it is relevant,
my machine has a default locale (Windows regional settings) 
of Japanese but the Gnucash file was initialized with a 
default currency of USD.  Preferences->Reports->Default
Report Currency is set to USD.  All accounts are denoted 
in USD except that the Cash account has two sub-accounts: 
Cash-US in USD and Cash-JP in Japanese Yen.

Any idea what's wrong or how I fix it?  The Accounts page
shows the rollup-totals correctly.

(Also, any way to tell Gnucash to suppress the "USD" texts, 
i.e. only explicitly display the currency when it is not 
the same as the default?)

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