Questions on credit card accounting

Lee Hauser lee at
Thu Sep 11 11:02:21 EDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 11:00 PM, Michael DeBusk <michael at> wrote:
> Lee Hauser wrote:
>>> you'll immediately see the difference between the two balances.
> I want to clarify what I said here because it was ambiguous. Gnucash
> will not show you the difference between those two balances; it will
> show you the balances, and the difference will be apparent. I'm sorry if
> I inadvertently misled you.

No, you didn't, I saw immediately what you meant.

>> HAH! I never said my way wasn't complicated, but I would never have
>> seen YOUR way in a million years. Brilliant. Thank you so much!
> It is indeed brilliant, and I'd love to claim credit for it, but that
> goes to Luca Pacioli. :)

Well, thanks to Luca well then.

I'm just glad to finally be using Gnucash. I'm a Mac user, and the
first two times I tried to use MacPorts or Fink to install, it failed.
I have no idea what I did right this time, but it works, and I'm not
going to look too closely into what went right this time.

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