Wrong Account Assumed When Importing Transactions

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Wed Sep 24 20:35:49 EDT 2008

Ed P wrote:

>... So it doesn't ask me
>anymore. Each time I import a ?FX file from that source it assumes I
>want the data to go into the account I incorrectly selected the first
>What is the best way to force GC to ask me what account to import the
>transactions to after it's been done once?
>Many Thanks.
Ed, I don't know if this will work, but worth a shot. TEST IT FIRST*

1) Temporarily rename this target account to something else. Try 
importing the file and see what happens when it doesn't have the 
targeted account any more.
    Still doesn't ask you? Uses the renamed account? (was able to follow 
that trail?). OK start from scratch (fresh test copy).

2) Create an account in parallel to this unfortunate target account. 
Delete the target account, and when GnuCash asks you where to put the 
transactions that were in it, say this new account. NOW try bringing in 
the transaction file and see if you don't get asked "where to"
    Still no luck, get back to us.


* do that by COPYING the file that represents your books to a different 
directory. Start GnuCash and have it open THAT and make the suggested 
changes there to see if it works. Can't hurt as worst case all you 
messed up is this "test" copy --- to avoid ever getting confused which 
books are real, I'd use a very suggestive name for that different 
directory (like TEST)

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