Recondiling Accounts

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Wed Nov 4 16:47:32 EST 2009

I can't figure out how to do a basic thing.  I suppose this situation might
be covered in the manual that comes with gnucash, or might be described
somewhere online, I just can't find it, and I am not even really certain
what to look for.

Well, any way, suppose on the 15th, I write a check for $100, then on the
20th, my statement comes from the bank, but the check that I wrote on the
15th has not yet cleared.  I go to reconcile the account, and the manual
says the goal is to get the "reconciled difference" down to 0.  How is this
even possible.

The "reconciled difference" will be $100 (or perhaps more if there are other
checks that have not cleared the bank) until that check is clicked off in
the "reconcile window," but it cannot be checked off because that check has
not cleared.

Once I tried simply clicking finish without the difference being 0, and it
put in a "correction" (USD-imbalance, I think).  I do not want a
"correction," the check has not cleared yet.  Or do I simply postpone
balancing the May statement until that check does clear, getting further and
further behind each month.

Brian Christiansen
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