Query regarding invoice numbering

Andrew Smith eurodrew555 at yahoo.com.au
Tue Nov 10 22:10:06 EST 2009


Does anyone know if there is any way to reset the automated invoice 
numbering so it starts from a specific number?

When I setup gnucash I entered in an invoice number to match my existing 
numbering (e.g. I started from 000106) yet when I create a new invoice 
and let gnucash try to automatically create the invoice ID it is still 
back at 000007?

Also if I create a new invoice for a customer and just close it, it 
saves a blank invoice with that invoice ID, yet if I go into that 
invoice and try to delete it I can't remove it from the system - the 
blank invoice with that ID always exists against that customer.

Finally - I tried to unpost and change the invoice ID on an invoice but 
this doesn't work? it looks as though I would need to totally recreate 
the invoice just to change the invoice ID (I just want to remove a 
leading 0 as it was created as 0000106 instead of 000106).

If anyone can help with these minor issues it would really be appreciated!

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