No Backup Files and Saving Problem

Maf. King maf at
Wed Nov 11 10:03:56 EST 2009

Hi Tom,

Which version of GC? 


On Wednesday 11 November 2009 01:53:53 Tom Galvani wrote:
> Hello,
> I have had a bit of trouble with the backup files and the save function
> in GnuCash.  I am setting up my business and want to back up all my
> business files - and all my GnuCash files - each night.  Currently, I
> have my main hard drive partitioned into C and D drives, D being the
> drive where all my business files are stored, and C being the typical C
> drive.  For the nightly backup, I've got an automated process simply
> copying the entire contents of the D drive to an external drive.
> The .gnucash directory is in my user directory on the C drive
> (C:\Documents and Settings\user\.gnucash\).  The main GnuCash file is on
> the D drive (D:\Admin\Financial\Bookkeeping\).  I was hoping to have all
> the GnuCash files backup along with the D drive, but I can't find any
> .xac, .log, .lnk, .lck files for GnuCash on the D drive, much less
> anywhere on my computer.  I thought that the backup files were saved
> automatically every few minutes in the same directory as the main file.
> Also, (maybe related?) the "save" button in GnuCash is constantly greyed
> out.  I can "save as," but cannot "save."
> I don't think it is an access problem, because my user account
> privileges allow for full read/write access of the C drive.  No other
> user, other than my user and the administrator account, has access to
> the C drive.
> Can anybody help?  I just want to make sure that a) GnuCash is regularly
> backing itself up when I am working in it and b) I can find those backup
> files so that I can copy them with the automated backup each night.
> Thanks,
> Tom Galvani

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