Query regarding invoice numbering

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 11 01:56:29 EST 2009


Andrew Smith <eurodrew555 at yahoo.com.au> writes:

> Hello,
> Does anyone know if there is any way to reset the automated invoice
> numbering so it starts from a specific number?

You need to hand-edit the data file.  There is no way to do this in the UI.

> When I setup gnucash I entered in an invoice number to match my
> existing numbering (e.g. I started from 000106) yet when I create a
> new invoice and let gnucash try to automatically create the invoice ID
> it is still back at 000007?

Right.  See above.

> Also if I create a new invoice for a customer and just close it, it
> saves a blank invoice with that invoice ID, yet if I go into that
> invoice and try to delete it I can't remove it from the system - the
> blank invoice with that ID always exists against that customer.

Correct, there is no way to delete an invoice.  You can however either
mark it as Inactive (so it wont show up on searches) or you can just
re-use it by assigning it to another Customer.

> Finally - I tried to unpost and change the invoice ID on an invoice
> but this doesn't work? it looks as though I would need to totally
> recreate the invoice just to change the invoice ID (I just want to
> remove a leading 0 as it was created as 0000106 instead of 000106).

Why are you unposting it?  Or rather, if it's an invoice you haven't
used, why did you post it?  Once you post it all bets are off about what
you can change and what you cannot.  However, if you have an UNPOSTED
invoice you can certainly change the Invoice ID by clicking on the Edit
button.  You can also re-assign to a different customer, too.

> If anyone can help with these minor issues it would really be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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