Please Help!!!! Cannot open my gnucash file!

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Fri Nov 20 02:37:39 EST 2009

On Fri, 20 Nov 2009, jp.briggs wrote:
> I was working with gnucash earlier today with no problem. Then I just tried
> opening it again recently, and received an error and cannot get to my
> financial data! I cannot live without this data!
> Alright. Breathe. Some info.
> I just recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. Gnucash looks different now, but I
> don't know if that's a result of the OS upgrade, or if Gnucash was upgraded
> along with it. Anyway here's some commands run and their output:
downgrade the gnucash 
install a Debian package (not Ubuntu)

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