GnuCash fails to start on Windows XP system

Mike C. subscribe307 at
Fri Nov 20 09:04:58 EST 2009

I have had a similar problem with 2.2.9 on Windows XP.  Every few weeks 
it fails to start.  I have an old version of the .gnucash folder and 
when I delete the current .gnucash folder and replace it with the old 
version the program then starts.  I can't see any difference if the 
files but that seems to fix it.  Just overwriting the current folder 
with the old one does not work, I have to delete the old one first.

Peter Kay wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm sure many people have heard this before, as I can see plenty of
> old discussion about some of the problems, but the problems seem to be
> marked as FIXED, so I'm posting here to see what people think I should
> do as a next step.
> My mum is using GnuCash and *loves* it.  However, recently, when she
> starts GnuCash, nothing happens.  After several hours of searching
> past bug reports and problems, I can give the following information:
> Scenario 1:  Mom starts GnuCash
> She starts it, gnucash-bin.exe runs, nothing else runs.  She starts
> another 60 copies; one of them *might* work.
> Scenario 2:  Doing mean things to .gconfd
> I have found that I can get gnucash to start.
> First step, I delete .gconfd (in C:\Documents and Settings\Mom).  Then
> I start GnuCash.  I see that only gnucash-bin.exe is running.
> Second step, I kill gnucash-bin.exe, and restart GnuCash.  I see that
> gnucash-bin.exe is running, as well as two copies of gconfd-2.exe.  No
> windows open.
> Third Step, I kill gnucash-bin.exe (I get weird errors reminiscent of
> if I kill
> gconfd-2.exe first).  Then I kill the 2nd gconfd-2.exe.
> Fourth Step, I start gnucash again.  Viola!  GnuCash opens.
> Hell of a workaround, and I'm not sure mum's up for that one...She's
> threatening to go back to paper and pencil!
> On, the 2nd link to
> a bug ( seems to be
> similar to the problem; however, it's marked FIXED - Resolved...
> I'm running GnuCash 2.2.9 on Windows XP Professional, SP2, Firewall
> (ZoneAlarm) turned off at the moment, and I've tried putting Orbit2
> 2.13.3 (as well as 14.13) in the bin directory with no effect.
> I updated to 2.3.7, just for fun, and got the same situation.  If I
> delete all .gnucash and .gnome and .gconfd files, I get a slightly
> different scenario:
> 1st time, .gnucash gets created, then hangs.  No gconfd.exe run
> 2nd time, .gnome2 and .gnome2_private get created.  gconfd runs.
> 3rd time, no gconfd runs.
> 4th time, .gconf and .gconfd are created, gconfd runs, and gnucash
> starts.  Note that each time, I killed processes as above.
> What's my next step?  Should I post yet another bug report?  Is the
> devel list the proper place to do be asking?  Do I buy my mum an
> electric pencil sharpener for christmas?
> Thanks, and happy financing,
> --Peter Kay
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