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as David Reiser wrote at least a few times there are problems with OFX Direct 
Connect which I as AqBanking developer can't influence.

The OFX DirectConnect protocol knows some variables which must be set 
appropriately for the connection to succeed. However, the banks don't publish 
this vital information to the general public, as it seems. Only Intuit seems 
to get the information needed...

Those variables  are e.g. APPID, APPVER, uses OFX header version and some 

Add to that the fact that some banks now added a special login extension for 
which details are hard to come by (if at all)...

So until the banks drop their obfuscation policy and publish the information 
needed for third-parties (i.e. all non-Intuit developers) there isn't much we 
can do besides trial-and-error...

Unfortunately, given the experience some of us had with US banks I don't think 
changes in their policy can be expected in the near future...


On Samstag, 28. November 2009, BPG wrote:
> I can't get Aqbanking to download transactions into GC successfully.
> I'm using DIscover card....which in the recent past I have been able to
> download transactions into GC using Aqbanking setup.  (God only knows how I
> got it to work properly).
> I've set all of FIDs and Bank codes and Servers and Force SSL stuff.....but
> for whatever reason I just can't reliably get AQ to download into GC.
> Are there any tutorials online on how to do it?
> I know I've asked this question before....the problem with AQ with GC is
> that I want it to do what I tell it to do....and not have it argue with me.
> Sometimes after an attempted download GC just closes.
> Any ideas?
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