Opening my accounts over a network

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Sat Jun 19 15:00:11 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 07:44:42AM +0000, doug1953s at wrote:
> I have two computers that can connect via sshfs. 
> The account files are kept on one computer and 
> most of the work is done there, however I want 
> to be able to connect from my laptop 
> so that I can update accounts on the run. 

make sure you only have one instance of gnucash accessing the file at
a time. You'll have to pay close attention to the lock-file warnings
that may pop up.

> When I open GNUCash from the laptop it wants to
> make new accounts. 

just cancel out of that process and do File -> Open ->...

> Is there a way to open the correct file
> on the home computer. 
> (I can access all my directories and files as 
> if they were locally mounted)

see above. 

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