UI issue 2.4 on OS X - can't expand accounts

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sat Jan 8 12:14:40 EST 2011

On Jan 8, 2011, at 8:50 AM, Phil Frost wrote:

> I've been using gnucash for a while on my linux box, but just today
> installed 2.4.0 on my mac laptop runing Mac OS 10.6.5. I copied my data
> file from the Linux box. Everything looks good, but there's a rather
> serious UI issue - when I click the disclosure triangles to expand an
> account to see its subaccounts, nothing happens. If another window has
> focus, like the "since last run" SX window, then I can click the
> triangles and they work, but once the accounts window has focus, they
> stop working. It also seems if I switch to any other application, then
> back to gnucash, I get one working click, then it stops again.
> Sometimes, the toolbar becomes unresponsive to clicks as well. I haven't
> determined exactly what I have to do to reproduce, but switch away and
> back to gnucash seems to resolve it.
> Has anyone seen this issue?

No one has reported the disclosure triangle problem before, and it works fine on my 10.6.5 MacBook Pro.  Is there any chance that another gtk installation could be leaking into Gnucash's environment?

The toolbar problem is a long-running issue with gtk quartz; the work around is to click in the toolbar's blank space or on the title bar for the window or dialog box that isn't receiving the click event.

John Ralls

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