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Fri Jan 14 21:42:20 EST 2011

Good point, an extra column would be very useful. Though the functionality
to be able to attach a file to the cells in the column would still be useful
- since I don't want to inventory the receipts. Also considering that
gnucash has moved to support relational database formats this
may actually be more reasonable to implement by adding an extra table and
linking it to the main records. The table would contain columns the track
the files if one is required for the record. Though since I haven't seen the
sources for gnu cash I don't know how practical this would be.

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> John wrote:
>  Hello,
>> I have been using Gnucash for about a year now and like the software a
>> lot.
>> I have been wondering how hard it would be to add the ability to attach
>> files to transactions (per split). It would be very useful to attach pdfs
>> of
>> reciepts to the transactions in case I need to look it up for what ever
>> reason.
>> I am considering posting a small bounty for this as it would be useful.
> Suggestion?  That is perhaps too specific? And I suppose if perchance one
> of these receipts came to you on paper you'd have to scan it in?
> How about instead asking for an additional column for notation? Just like
> the "check number" column of the account used for a checking account. You
> then can use this as a "receipt reference number" (which of course would
> match whatever number you have assigned the receipt in your "receipt
> file*"). The point is that this would be more generally useful. YOU would
> use this reference number for your purpose but other people might choose to
> use it for some other purpose.
> Michael
> * That's "file" in a logical sense. Your actual file might consist of a
> folder of PDFs plus an accordion with those on paper plus ..... They would
> just need to have each been assigned an unique number.
> PS ---- you can of course do this NOW (without a new extra column). Just
> think about your "description" field a little differently and come up with a
> way (a rule) that would let that serve for the purpose. An example rule ----
> "If the description begins with a number then that number is a receipt
> reference number"
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