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Mon Jan 17 09:01:54 EST 2011

The website says, "You can now 
create recurring transactions, including automatic reminders when a 
transaction is due ..."

I would like GnuCash to pop up a window or something to tell me for
instance that it's time to enter the Acme monthly payment. (Since Acme
charges me a different amount every month, I don't want GnuCash to enter
the amount on its own.) How do I do this?

Another use would be to enter a monthly paycheck, which differs by a
small amount each month.

I'm using GnuCash 2.3.17, build svn r19852M dated 2010-11-21, on a
MacBook Pro.

An attempt to use Business -> Bills Due Reminder led to nothing.

I also scheduled a transaction and checked "Notify me when created."
See attached screenshot. Although gnucash did enter the transaction, it didn't notify me.

Is the problem that 2.3.17 is a beta, and this feature will be built
back in?


Jake Wegelin
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