aqbanking / ofx - account versus user

Paul Abrahams abrahams at
Mon Jan 24 21:16:57 EST 2011

A confusing aspect of aqbanking is the distinction between the account and the 
user.  Both the account configuration and the user configuration contain 
information about the account holder and also about the financial institution.  
I think this could be improved.

Suppose, instead, the configuration was divided into two parts: account and 
institution.  The institution information would contain only information about 
the institution and nothing about the specific account at that institution.  
The account information, on the other hand, would contain no information about 
the institution except for a link to the institution's configuration.  The link 
would be made using the Selected Users list as it now is, so an institution 
could be associated with several accounts but not vice versa.  With that 
arrangement a user could have several accounts at an institution without 
having to repeat any of the institution information.  This arrangement would 
hold up even if some institutions in the institution list use HBCI and others 
use OFX.

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