aqbanking failures and errors

Jeff Kletsky gnucash at
Wed Jan 26 00:41:45 EST 2011

Warning -- I'm a BSD guy, not a Gnu-whatever wizard. I think I madly 
clicked at the checkbox most of a night...

$ gconftool-2 -R /apps/gnucash | less

=> gives a list of all the GnuCash-related UI configuration preferences

paging through I find

     format_swift_mt942 = swift-mt942
     remember_pin = true
     format_dtaus = default
     verbose_debug = false
     format_swift_mt940 = swift-mt940
     close_on_finish = false
     format_csv = default

$ gconftool-2 --get /apps/gnucash/dialogs/import/hbci/close_on_finish

confirms the syntax (I already have it disabled)

$ gconftool-2 --set /apps/gnucash/dialogs/import/hbci/close_on_finish 
--type=bool false
$ gconftool-2 --get /apps/gnucash/dialogs/import/hbci/close_on_finish

looks like it does what you want!


On 01/25/2011 06:36 PM, Paul Abrahams wrote:
> I assume I made some sort of setup error, but when I try to get the online
> balance on one of my bank accounts, I get this:
>   Found Finance::Quote version 1.17
> gnucash: provider.c:250: AO_Provider_AddJob: Assertion `u' failed.
> Aborted
> Clearly that's something that shouldn't be happening, no matter what mistake I
> made.
> Another problem is that the Online Connection box that comes up after choosing
> Get Balance has a checkbox for "Close When Finished", but there's no time to
> uncheck it.  The password box comes up immediately, and once you've provided
> the password the log entries in the Online Connection box fly by too quickly
> for unchecking the box.
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