aqbanking disappearing logs

Martin Preuss martin at
Wed Jan 26 12:27:00 EST 2011


On Mittwoch 26 Januar 2011, Paul Abrahams wrote:
> contexts I've had the problem of log windows that scroll down with new
> entries and then vanish before I can read them.  This happened in

This was the decision of the GnuCash developers. AqFinance or QBankManager 
don't close the window themselves. I believe there was a mail on some gnucash 
list describing how to set a particular option in gnucash to leave the window 

> Also, is aqbanking 5 available for Windows or just for Linux?

It is available as source package and it compiles and works at least on Linux, 
MacOSX and Windows (AqFinance uses it on Windows).


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