MT 940 import not working 2.4.10

Loode Slot loode at
Mon Apr 16 11:25:33 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I have just installed GnuCash 2.4.10 for MAC. I used to have 2.4.7 on a windows PC. 

I have a bank account at ING bank in The Netherlands and the import of the MT940 download into GnuCash did not work. I also encountered this problem with 2.4.7 on Windows PC. I used to solve this by changing the code of the file swiftmt940 in the map Files\gnucash\share\aqbanking\imexporters\swift\profiles. The code I used to solve this was:

char name="SWIFT-MT940"
char shortDescr="Generic SWIFT MT940 Format"
char version="2.3.3"
char longDescr="This profile supports SWIFT MT940 documents"
int import="1"
int export="0"
char type="swift"
char groupNames="transaction", "transfer", "debitnote"
params {
char type="mt940"
int skipDocLines="3"

However this time this does not solve the problem. I hope some of you can help me because I really like GnuCash especially with importing your bank account info……

Thank you very much,

Loode Slot

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