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Arne Hanssen <lists at> writes:

> Den 23. feb. 2012 16:03, skrev Derek Atkins:
>> Hi,
>> Arne Hanssen<lists at>  writes:
>>> Den 21. feb. 2012 23:10, skrev Derek Atkins:
>> [snip]
>>>>> What I want is a report (that is, two reports, one for customers and
>>>>> one for vendors) that selects candidates whos balance is either not
>>>>> zero or has had transactions in current period.  I could try to
>>>>> develop one myself, but it seems a bit non-trivial (but if someone
>>>>> could help me get started, I'm willing to try and share any success).
>>>> Have you tried the aging reports?
>>> Yes, but those is not what I need.  As stated, I need a report for
>>> each candidate with a non-zero balance OR that had transactions during
>>> the period (normally last year, right now: year 2011).  Selecting them
>>> manually is too cumbersome and errorprone (and the result isn't pretty
>>> either, but that's a minor concern).
>> Did you try to set the report options to display zero-balance customers?
>> The report clearly gives you the former.
> No it doesn't, does it?  The aging report shows aging, not listing of
> transactions as the Customer (vendor) report does (but only for the
> customer / vendor I manually select).  I'm sorry if I have been
> unclear on this:  I do not want two reports, only one (well, one for
> all customers and one for all vendors/suppliers, which technically is
> two). These existing reports for customer and vendor is good enough if
> it could select all interesting candidates (as described above)
> automatically.

Okay, perhaps I misunderstood the original request.  I thought you
wanted a list of all the customers, not a list of all the transactions.
If you want a list of all the transactions then when not just run an
Account Report of your A/R account after limiting it to the required
time frame:

  * Open A/R Account
  * View -> Filter By -> Date
  * Reports -> Account Report

That will give you a list of all transactions in the time frame, and
within that list it should tell you all the customers that had
transactions within the period.

Maybe I just still don't understand exactly what you are looking for?


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