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*Many thanks.
@Cristian, my bad. Glad you on the list.
On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 1:44 AM, Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at telenet.be>wrote:

> On 06-11-12 17:49, Cristian Marchi wrote:
>> I know, that was my mistake: I didn't check for an existing one when I
>> opened the official page.
> That's ok.
>  I'm already in contac with the manager of the UNofficial page and I'm
>> also an admin for it. That means I can merge the two pages but there are
>> some cons:
>> - all material in the page with less "likes" will be lost (comments,
>> answers, images, news ecc...). Fortunately the likes will not be lost but
>> merged.
> Can part of this info be migrated manually (like the images, missing news
> items) ?
>  - the unofficial page has the name "Gnucash" and not "GnuCash" and that
>> is not easy changeable. You need to request a name change to fb but is not
>> sure it will be approved.
>> - same as previous point applies to the facebook page url: the official
>> one is https://www.facebook.com/**GnuCash<https://www.facebook.com/GnuCash>while the unofficial is not so simple.
> The unofficial page has more likes currently. Would that mean that by
> merging the official page will disappear, including its simple url and
> "GnuCash" name ? And the the longer url would remain and the "Gnucash" name
> ?
>> At the moment I'm posting the GnuCash news to both pages waiting to merge
>> them (I don't really know what I'm waiting...!)
> How about waiting until the official page has more likes then ? To
> stimulate this, the page info of the unofficial page could explain its
> intention to get merged into the official page eventually and that the
> official page is where to go for news and updates. Wouldn't that slowly
> send more people to the official page instead ?
> Geert
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