Rounding in Mortgage Assistant

Dean Gibson gnucash at
Fri Nov 9 12:13:14 EST 2012

On 2012-11-09 05:48, Mike or Penny Novack wrote:
> ...
> What we should really be asking for is a "recalc amortization" where 
> the payment amount can be specified (to match what the bank is 
> insisting upon).
> Michael D Novack, FLMI

No kidding.  GnuCash computes my bank-assigned payment to the penny, but 
that's not what I want.  In particular, in every home loan I've had, 
I've increased the monthly payment somewhat to (1) make the payment a 
round number, and (2) to pay off the mortgage a bit earlier.  I believe 
Quicken allowed that (not that Quicken is the gold standard for anything 
that GnuCash does).

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