Multiple currencies causing account totalling problems

GCMAB nvgybsj8h7 at
Sat Nov 17 03:07:09 EST 2012

Gill wrote
> Having Finance Quote installed correctly helped me get this issue solved. 
> I deleted the manually entered rates in price editor and used the finance
> quote automatic rate and everything appears correct now.

Does that mean all the manually entered rates can be safely deleted without
affecting the transactions they were created for? As a historical record of
exchange rates they are not very useful because of the way they are recorded
as fractions which doesn't make them very user friendly as a reference so I
certainly wouldn't lose anything by deleting them if they have no effect on
transactions already entered.

Finance Quote would be convenient but having to install XCode just for that
is a bit of a hammer to crack a nut. I may move to monthly, manually entered
rates independent of transactions.

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