auto import of accounts from Australian Bank

Brendan Simon Brendan at
Sat Jun 1 20:49:14 EDT 2013

Does anyone know if GnuCash can auto-import bank account data from
Australian banks -- in particular the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
(CBA) ??

I can download the OFX files manually (or QIF) but it's such a bore with
many accounts.

Do I need to setup OFX Direct or something else perhaps ??

I used to use QIF with another bank (ANZ) but have switched to OFX.  The
QIF importer allowed multipled QIF files to be imported and then tried
to find matching transactions, but the OFX importer doesn't appear do
that as I can only import one OFX file at a time :(

Apparently the OFX importer uses baesean filtering/matching but I'm not
sure how and when this happens.  Does it happen for manual imports ??

Thanks, Brendan.

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