Can't select data file

Steve butterandsalt at
Mon Jun 10 23:01:12 EDT 2013

All of a sudden I have a disaster happening, and the backups aren't helping. 
Rather than recap everything, have one question which maybe will give me a

For some reason after I bring up the gnucash program, it will not let me
select a data file (eg when i goto File, Open).  It's like no matter where I
scroll, it grays out the file names so i can't select or it freezes and
won't even let me choose a particular directory.  

Before you ask, I've downloaded a fresh copy of gnucash and reinstalled it. 
I also experience the same thing on a totally separate installation of
gnucash on my memory stick, eg won't let me choose a data file.

Running windows 7, latest stable version.

Any clues you might suggest?  At it 3 hrs now and driving me nuts.  It's
obviously has nothing to do with the data file as i can't even select one.  
thanks :(

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