Can't select data file

Maf. King maf at
Tue Jun 11 03:00:33 EDT 2013

On Mon 10 June 13 21:51:00 Steve wrote:
> This is so screwey.
> So I tried switching users on my laptop, and then ran gnucash portable off
> my memory stick which also has the data file on it.  It worked perfectly.
> So then I went back to the original user on my laptop, and tried running it.
> 1. It does bring up the data file
> 2. It does let you press on the tabs for selected accounts
> 3. It does NOT let you fill in a new transaction
> 4. If you try and click on the top menu, eg File, Edit, View, etc, it has NO
> effect
> 5. If you try and click on the buttons at the top, eg Save, Close,
> Duplicate, etc, it has NO effect
> 6. In other words, with the original user, you can see the various accounts,
> but it doesn't let you do anything by clicking on anything
> 7. If I'm running gnucash portable and the data file is on the stick, why is
> the fact that I'm logged into different users impacting it?
> If I run the regular gnucash program on this original user, as indicated
> earlier, it won't even let you select a data file.
> Clues for this behavior.  Happened all of a sudden.

Hi Steve,

Is it possible that there is a dialog box which is open off-screen somewhere?  
did you ever use a second monitor?

I'm not familiar with Windows, so my suggestion is a complete stab in the 
dark, and I can't remember (from other adive on this list) how to go about 
finding a lost dialog box...

Can you start GC under windows with the command line option --nofile?


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