Can't select data file

Steve butterandsalt at
Tue Jun 11 06:24:25 EDT 2013

Thanks for the reply.

1. No, there's no other dialog box open that I'm missing, and have never
used a second monitor

2. I can start regular GC; but then I get the screen where I have to select
"File" and then "Open" in order to select a datafile, that's where I'm
unable to effectively select a data file.  And as mentioned, if I do get
beyond that step (using my GC portable), although i can switch the tabs say,
from cash to a checking account, it won't let me do anything, it's

The fact that it works under a different user (thank goodness) is a relief,
so I know it's not the data file, and at least I know it's not the GC
portable program.  And as I think I mentioned I did re download the GC
program, but that makes no difference.  I also thought maybe something in
one of the GC config files got screwed up, so I replaced those with a b/u
copy, to no avail.

EVerything else on that laptop works just fine.  It's just GC that is giving
me fits.  Glad that I have b/u files but in this instance, that's not
helpful.  But at least I can access and use the data file and program under
a different user, under I discovered that, really was losing it :)

I'll work on it again today, just makes no sense.  Looks more and more it's
not a GC issue, but some Windows issue impacting GC.

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