There was an error parsing the file file:

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Jun 24 17:58:18 EDT 2013

On Friday 21 June 2013 22:02:53 Edwina Hansen wrote:
> I recieved this message: There was an error parsing the file
> file:///Users/edwinahansen/Accounting/Corinne Helen Hansen Self
> Employed Business 2013.gnucash. Then I was told I had an "Unsaved
> Book - GnuCash" so I saved it to edwinahansen/Accounting. So now
> under files I have: 1 Corinne Helen Hansen Self Employed Business
> 2013.gnucash.20130615155222.log.gnucash - Accounts - GnuCash
> 2 Corinne Helen Hansen Self Employed Business 2013.gnucash
> When I click on 2 I get the parsing error message, but nothing else
> comes up. When I click on number 1 a page opens, but there is nothing
> there, no accounts, no entries, and no I did not back anything up
> yet, I have only been trying to set up this account for about a week
> or two, and I never used GnuCash before. Can anyone help me get rid
> of file 1 and get back to file 2 with all the entries I have posted?
> I will be very grateful for any help restoring things back the way
> they were before the error message. Thank you.
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Hi Edwina,

We'll need some more information from you before we may be able to help you restore your 
data file.

For starters, can you tell us what operating system you are using on your PC and what 
version of GnuCash ?


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