Empty transactions in General Ledger

Michael Hendry hendry.michael at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 04:26:19 EDT 2013

Now using 2.4.13 with Mac OS X 10.8.4, I was puzzled by the four blank transactions appearing with today's date in my General Ledger tab.

Realising that I had tabs open for three credit cards and one bank account, I closed each of these in turn, and saw the date disappear from each of these transactions, one by one.

Closing the General Ledger tab and re-opening it removed the empty lines.

Re-opening the bank and credit card accounts brings back one empty transaction for each account (provided the General Ledger tab is closed and re-opened).

I suspect that this is a cosmetic problem only, and reflects the blank transaction (with today's date already entered) at the bottom of each asset account's tab.


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