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On Jun 28, 2013, at 6:57 PM, Axiocentric <axiocentric at> wrote:

> I just need to give permission to third person (an accountant) to have access into Gnucash, instead of using it through my account.
> I found some reviews about it e.g. "Multi-user capability: With GnuCash you can have multiple users, but each user has to have their own data file. Or you can have multiple users opening up the same data file, but not concurrently." 
> However, what actually looking for is this exact feature that a different accounting software offer - &
> is something similar to this on Gnucash or can you explain me in more details the "multi-user capability" of Gnucash

Gnucash doesn't do that, at least not at present. The closest you could get would be to use a MySQL or Postgresql backend, but Gnucash wouldn't be happy if you limited which tables a particular user could write.

John Ralls

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