Getting started with gnucash

Martin Hayes fmhayes70 at
Wed Dec 30 15:25:08 EST 2015

I am a long time user of Quicken Premier, and since Intuit is no longer
going to support the program, I decided to try to use Gnucash.

I downloaded the latest version of gnucash, converted my Quicken QDF file
to QIF, and imported it into gnucash. Gnucash created a file
Finances.gnucash (611bytes) but none of my accounts are listed on the

I next tried to open the QIF file I had imported but get the error message
"No suitable backend was found for the file:C//:*.QIF.

I am totally inexperienced at programming and have spent several hours
trying to resolve this via internet searches and have made no headway. I
would appreciate a little help.


Marty Hayes

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