Best practices for data import

David Grajal dgrabla at
Tue May 5 06:47:43 EDT 2015


I'm having trouble importing data into Gnucash SQLITE database.

1. I used sqlitebrowser to export the customer table from one gnucash
file and import the data into another
2. When I open this new gnucash file with 'externally loaded customers'
everything seems to work fine. I can edit the customers. I can change
the customer data. However when I create a NEW customer on this file,
gnucash try to reuse an ID from one of the loaded customers. Also I can
POST invoices with these loaded customers, but when I try to PAY these
already posted invoices Gnucash complains because one of the following
a. There is no A/C account available (but it works with other customers)
- Fix if all UUIDs from currencies etc are cleared
b. Gnucash complains it cannot WRITE on the file

My guess is that we can READ the sqlite with external tools but we need
to use gnucash libraries to WRITE into the database because there is
some kind of data consistency stored somewhere else in the database.
Gnucash doesnt complain initially about this extra data, but eventually
there are problems.

So my question is: How do you write data into the SQlite? Are you using
the python bindings? Is there a customer-load script? Can I import the
customers data externally and then inform gnucash somehow to recheck the
new customer table?

Best regards,

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